For several months now, Mayer Labs has been unable to supply the Today Sponge. At the end of 2019, we experienced major mechanical failures with our equipment. This equipment has been customized and is uniquely designed to produce the Today Sponge. Over the course of January and February we called in engineering firms to help the factory engineers. Regrettably, we were unable to repair the equipment. At the same time, we started exploring building new machines with equipment manufacturers. However, now under strict Covid-19 restriction in India, all work has stopped. We continue to be out-of-stock and out of production. We are unable to advise when or if this situation will change.

We are deeply sorry for all the inconvenience this causes you and the thousands of women that have come to rely on Today Sponge as their birth control method of choice.

"Amazing... an easy alternative to hormonal contraceptives or condoms" 00135 - 5/8/10

The Today Sponge is a safe, hormone-free birth control alternative for couples that provides 24hr protection.

Today Sponge provides effective birth control without "pill" side effects. It is a proven contraceptive with over 250 million sponges sold and is available over-the-counter at major retailers and online

Available over the counter at

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