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What new users are saying about Today Sponge

"At first I was nervous about being able to remove it and whether or not it would get in the way of sensation... It's very easy to insert and you don't notice it once it's in." Cari 1/29/10

"condoms...get to be a nuisance putting it on and having that pause when we're in the mood." -Becca, CA 10/6/11

"I did experience some discomfort after the first time I used one, but haven't had any since." -Mjd68 7/14/10

"It does not interfere with sensation like condoms, ...I cannot feel it once inserted" -Em 1/11/11

"They're a little pricey so thankfully we can get it on for 24 hrs before having to remove it lol" -Tris, CA 7/26/11