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"It doesnot interfere with sensation like condoms,... I cannot feel it once inserted"

-Em 1/11/11

Inserting the Today Sponge

Women who are new to the Sponge should read all the directions first and try to insert it when you have time and a quiet moment to yourself. Most women find it easier to insert after they have tried it a few times.

"At first I was nervious about being able to remove it and whether or not it would get in the way of sensations... It's very easy to insert and you don't notice it once it's in." -Cari 1/29/10

"I did experience some discomfort after the first time I used one, but haven't had any since. I think lube is the key" -Mjd68 7/14/10

The sponge is very soft and squeezes or folds to smaller than 1/2" wide (similar to the size of a tampon) and makes it easier to insert. After insertion, the sponge opens back to its natural round shape and covers the opening of the cervix. The Sponge is soft and very similar to the vaginal walls, so once in place, both partners normally cannot feel the soft sponge.