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"They are little pricey so thankfully we can get it in 24hrs before having to remove it lol."

-Tris,CA 7/26/11


"It may be more expensive than other female OTCs, but it's more effective and lasts longer." -Stephanie 1/7/11

Today Sponge is 89-91% effective. In clinical studies, about 1 out of 10 women (9-11%) got pregnant during the first year of use when using this product correctly all the time. The possiblitly of getting pregnant increases to about 1 out of 7 women (13-16%) when this product was not used correctly.

Summary of Clinical Efficacy Study:

  • Today Sponge is 89-91% effective, what does it mean?*
  • - Over 1850 women used the Today Sponge over a 1 year period
  • - Over 230,000 acts of intercourse produced 179 pregnancies
  • - Translation: One Pregnancy for Every 1287 Acts of Intercourse

More on Today Sponge Effectiveness

*McClure DA. "Worldwide method effectiveness of the Today vaginal contraceptive sponge." Adv Contracept 1985; 1:305-311.